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Statut du projet : financé avec succès, collecte terminée

Executive summary


Part 1: Definition and overview of usage across industries

Blockchain Associations and Consortiums
Key Innovator Profiles
Key Benefits for Stakeholders
Key Strategic Moves and Developments
Market Highlight
Global Blockchain Technology Market: Snapshot
Blockchain Mergers and Acquisitions
Joint Ventures

Part 2: Technology

Distributed ledger / decentralized database
Public / private
Smart contracts

Part 3: Mapping of Platforms and Service Providers

Part 4: Drivers and Challenges of Blockchain in the automotive market

The drivers of the market

Transparency and Immutability --> increased trust
Faster Transactions (+ administrative tasks less time consuming)
Reduced cost (leasing, buying a car + automated transactions...)
Disruption in Technology
High Adoption of Blockchain for Payments, Smart Contracts, and Digital Identities
New Breed of Programmable Blockchain Platforms
Increasing merchants accepting cryptocurrency

The challenges of the market

Uncertain Regulatory Status
Lack of Awareness About Blockchain
Security, Privacy, and Control
Technical Understanding About the Blockchain Concept
Slow adoption rate

Part 5: Market forecasts by applications

Smart Manufacturing
Supply Chain Logistics
Car Retailing and Leasing
Connected Living and IoT
Mobility Solution

Part 6: Scenarios

Value Chain Analysis
Customer Acceptance / Adaptability
Comparative Analysis
Investment Scenarios

Part 7: Mapping of companies

Current Market Landscape
Partnerships and Collaborations
Mergers and Acquisitions
Venture Funding
Business Expansions

Part 8: Experts’ Insights
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